Library Loot 08.12.2020

It’s that time again to talk library treasures! It’s almost impossible to return one set without taking another home, so without further ado, some of the books I’ve had coming and going from the library recently! When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk: You can’t rewrite the past, but you can always choose to start… Continue reading Library Loot 08.12.2020

Five on Friday 7.31.2020

Last week, one of the larger readathons throughout the Booktube/Booktwitter/Bookstagram community, The Reading Rush, came to an unfortunate end when the two hosts, after a series of missteps, ended the week with a live event during which they laughed off not reading the group readathon, a book by a black woman about, in part, performative… Continue reading Five on Friday 7.31.2020


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