Five on Friday 7.31.2020

  1. Last week, one of the larger readathons throughout the Booktube/Booktwitter/Bookstagram community, The Reading Rush, came to an unfortunate end when the two hosts, after a series of missteps, ended the week with a live event during which they laughed off not reading the group readathon, a book by a black woman about, in part, performative activism. This is following other insensitivities (annoucing the group read on Juneteenth; posing a ‘read a book outside’ prompt during a global pandemic, and other occurances in past years of being abelist and often times insiderate of other access barriers to Rush participation).
    Needless to say, a number of folks have had things to say about this event, and perhaps more importantly, how discussion of this event has been handled. As of writing this, the Reading Rush has issued a public apology, although it should be noted that for the first week or so following the event, the only public apology wasn’t public and instead was behind a Patreon paywall. I also think, personally, that too much of the apology was spent in perpetrator-first, explanatory language that doesn’t offer enough accountable measures for improvement.
    And while obviously (or, maybe not so obviously, which is part of the problem) threats of violence or abuse are never okay, it’s also really really important that we hold the hosts of the Reading Rush accoutable for actual, actionable steps for change. It’s what the Black and brown members of this community deserve, and the responsibility that these two hosts, with their combined platform sizes, have to bear.
    (And, because there really should be more than a handful of community-wide reading events that really take off, anyway, absolutely check out some of these)
  2. FIFTEEN FUCKING EMMY NOMINATIONS FOR SCHITT’S CREEK (also Succession did good too, yay Succession). The show of my heart, breaking records all over the place.
  3. I can’t get this ode to ass-eating out of my head. It’s stunningly written, a beautiful reflection on what it means to get a deep sense of joy out of the areas and ideas society still considers the most taboo.
  4. Did you know this is the noise otters make when they eat?! Me either!
  5. In case you missed it, this past week was CoNZealand and while the convention itself had it’s share of issues, what I want to highlight is CoNZealand Fringe, a “series of complementary genre fiction programming at European-friendly times”. This absolutely stunning free programming runs through Sunday, August 2nd and has a whole host of already-streamed panels available to watch online! Some of my absolute favorites:
    1. “Dear WorldCon Fandom: Welcome to Booktube”
    2. “Dragons on a Spaceship: The Resurgence of Science Fantasy”
    3. “Your Fave is Problematic: A Perennial Fandom Dilemma”
    4. “Making Space for the New: How YA Trends Predict Cultural Shifts in SFF”

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